Are you asking your self the question, what is Dermaclara?


Dermaclara Youth Science is the newest skincare system to make its way to the American skincare care market. This breakthrough Youth Science skincare system featuring cutting edge anti-aging products to take care of the skin’s cleansing, hydrating and treatment needs. This expertly designed five-product skincare system features everything someone concerned with aging skin needs: a balanced cleanser, effective serum, nourishing moisturizer, lip treatment and dermapads, a product to intensely treat skin by helping “train” the skin to keep it from making movements that create lines and wrinkles.

Dermaclara Youth Science skincare system begins when you cleanse your skin with claraprep, a luxuriously hydrating creamy cleanser that gets rid of dirt and impurities without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Because of its unique formulation, claraprep works for most skin types: dry, normal, oily and combination. The next step in the Dermaclara Youth Science skin care system is claraline peptide intensifying serum, which helps smooth skin and even skin tone, fading brown spots and imperfections over time.

After applying claraline and allowing it to absorb, apply the Dermaclara clarasome radiance restoring moisturizer. This silky lightweight gel-cream formulation refreshes and cools, leaving skin unbelievably soft and smooth. Recommended for normal, combination or oily skin, this advanced hydrator is ideal for daily moisturizing and anti-aging.

The Dermaclara product gaining the most attention from skincare professionals and customers alike is the clarafuse dermapads. These thin surgical grade pads are made of hypoallergenic silicone that gently adhere to your skin for a minimum of one hour all they way up to 12 hours. During that time, they keep the skin from moving, reducing the appearance of current wrinkles, while proactively keeping the look of wrinkles from forming. Dermapads treat the face (forehead, eye area and around mouth) and chest. The chest dermapad can discreetly be worn under clothes or while sleeping. Each dermapad can be used for up to thirty days.

Knowing that the lips are often forgotten when it comes to skincare, Dermaclara Youth Science formulated claralips, a collagen-infused lip serum designed to keep your lips hydrated and healthier longer than an ordinary lip balm. With regular use, you’ll notice less chapping and tightness, and the appearance of rejuvenation, moisture and suppleness.

Dermaclara’s five products take care of anti-aging on your face, lips, and chest, the areas that show signs of aging the fastest.

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