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Beauty experts are excited about Dermaclara, a new skincare line created by skincare experts and recommended by dermatologists and aestheticians. Dermaclara takes the confusion out of buying skincare by creating skincare kits. Choose your level of kit depending on your needs. If you’re new to Dermaclara, the Basic Kit may be for you. Featuring clarafuse dermapads, Dermaclara’s most popular product, the Basic Kit will help improve the look of lines and wrinkles on your face and chest. Clarafuse was created after it was discovered that medical grade silicone not only reduced scars, but also the look of lines and wrinkles where it was applied. Treat your forehead, laugh lines, crow’s feet, and chest with custom-sized clarafuse dermapads.

The Basic Kit also features Dermaclara claraprep creamy cleanser. This cleanser gets rid of dirt and oil, but doesn’t strip your skin like so many cleansers can. Use claraprep with the exfoliator for an extra exfoliating boost during cleansing. Then carefully apply the sticky side of clarafuse dermapads to the areas of concern, and relax for an hour or more. Peel off to younger looking skin with fewer lines! Want to learn more? Head to

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