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Dermaclara clarafuse Chest was created to complement and intensify the age-defying efforts of the entire Dermaclara skincare system. This dermapads treats the chest area. Featuring medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone dermapads that adhere comfortably to the skin, clarafuse helps train the skin to keep it from making repeated movements, and smooths the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars when applied as directed.

How to use: Cleanse desired treatment area, with Dermaclara claraprep hydrating cream cleanser and pat dry. Remove clarafuse dermapad from hygienically sealed bag, lift off top tray, and remove dermapad from backing. Place the sticky side of dermapad over the desired treatment area, and gently press until dermapad adheres to skin.  Leave dermapad on for 1 to 12 hours, then gently remove in a slow, upward motion and place on provided sheet until next use.

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