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Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment from Dermaclara is the latest powerful skin treatment to noninvasively improve skin imperfections like wrinkles and stretch marks. Using medical grade silicone in its highly effective clarafuse skin pads, users experience improvement around the eyes and mouth, forehead, chest, abdomen, or anywhere else on the body clarafuse is used. Clarafuse comes in various sizes to treat skin from head to toe. Washable and reusable. Comes with claraprep creamy cleanser and claraline peptide intensifying serum.

How use to: 1. Cleanse: Dissolve makeup and impurities with fabulous foaming face wash or clog dissolving cleansing milk. 2. Super-boost deep cleansing and exfoliation: gently massage a quarter-sized amount of micromagic onto skin for one minute, avoiding the eye area. Rinse well and pat dry. 3. Treat: Pat in your favorite bliss eye product around the eye area.

4. Moisturize: In the morning, safeguard skin with fabulous face lotion spf15 or the youth as we know it lotion spf 30. In the evening, restore skin with your favorite bliss moisturizer. Use once or twice per week.

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