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Though you might take amazing care of your face and people mistake you for being ten years younger, oftentimes, your hands will reveal your real age, because they’re often forgotten when it comes to skincare. Constant washing, sun exposure and dryness adversely affect the skin on your hands, but there are ways to restore a youthful look to them.

Here are a few tips to incorporate into your hand care routine:


Moisturize often throughout the day. The skin on your hands is some of the driest skin on your body. Though moisturizing won’t necessarily get rid of wrinkles, it will soften your hands, making them look younger and softer. Slather on the hand cream in the morning, evening and after washing your hands.


Protect with sunblock. The same way you carefully apply sunblock to your face and neck on a daily basis, do the same for your hands. Apply SPF 30 or higher to the backs of your hands and forearms, and reapply after you wash your hands. These areas get more incidental sun exposure (like when you’re driving) than any other parts of your body.


Prevent and repair wrinkles and thinning of the skin on your hands the same as you would for your face: apply a retinoid to even out skin tone and stimulate collagen production and a Vitamin C serum to help protect further damage. If you’re already seeing signs of aging hands, antioxidant serums that contain high levels of Vitamin C will smooth hands and keep them younger looking, longer. Apply the retinoid at night and the Vitamin C serum in the morning, after washing your hands. Don’t forget to follow up with sunblock in the morning.

With consistency, these tips will turn back the hands (pun intended) of time and give you baby soft and baby smooth hands.

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